"Ridicularious" entertainment from rural southern life

Mr. Dan

In SBC Stuff, SBC = Scott Baptist Church.     Our singing is going really well without the electronic hymn playing.

                                                                    Brother Steve DeRaps is looking into repair of the parking area surface.

Schedule:                                                     Please remember Debbie Higgs' mom in the Fairview Park Hospital.

                                                                                     "Mr. Peaches" is in the Scott Health & Rehab to recover from a broken hip.

Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - Sunday School            Tony Fincher, Mr. Peaches' son, has a trach and is on dialysis.

              11:00 am. - Morning Worship        Our association of churches meets Saturday, September 22, at New Bethel.

                                                                                     Alex DeRaps is playing as a lineman with the Johnson County Trojans.

Wednesday, 6:00 p.m. - Supper                   Joe Radford has been nominated for the homecoming court at DHS.

                   6:40 p.m. - Study / Worship     Please remember Melissa DeRaps with health concerns for some weeks.

                   7:20 p.m. - Youth Activities      Wednesday, September 19, is time for VisionView at SBC.

                                                                    Parker Fountain is playing in the band at Johnson County High.

                                                                    Amaryllis Alvarez has announced she senses a call to minister to children.

                                                                    We are praying for and encouraging J. D. DeRaps in his search for a job.

                                                                    Brother Dan King is being evaluated for a heart condition and treatment.

                                                                    Lizzie Radford is doing college work along with high school studies.

                                                                    Sunday School is getting sweeter with "sump'm' in a sack!"

                                                                    Mr. Steve is bowling champ. Let's get ready to take him down a pin or two!

                                                                    Angelica Snellgrove has a lot going on with house & A/C repairs.

                                                                    Remember Austin, Ms. Tish, Angelica, & Emmett in the loss of Mr. Danny.